Excursions and guided tours in Kiev

Kiev is one of the world’s best cities with its rich cultural heritage. Even if you have lived in Kiev all your life there are some streets where you’ve never been, there are some stories about the city you’ve never heard before. We provide our clients with the exciting excursions and guided tours all around the most worth seeing and visiting places in Kiev.

There is a rule: if you want to explore the city you should do it by foot. But as you know every rule has an exception. And we want to offer you this exception without prejudice to your expressions and experiences – the tour by a tramway! You will go through the most romantic and ancient tramway routes in Kiev:

  • Podol district with its special atmosphere, cafes and restaurants, historical streets and churches. It is believed that Kiev is impossible without Podol because this district represents the city’s spiritual and ancient trade life.
  • The real tramway shed where you’ll see the first tramway and discover more interesting facts about tramways and transport.
  • Pushcha-Vodytsia, one of greatest part of Kiev with its fabulous wood and river where you can relax and forget about the city’s hustle and bustle. You may enjoy its beauty with a cup of tea/coffee or a glass of mulled wine through the tramway windows or we can arrange a fantastic picnic for you and your friends in the park. We may provide you with anything you like: barbecue, drinks, live music, dj, fire shows etc. If you’d like to celebrate your birthday or any holiday we could decorate the tramway and your party may begin even in it and continue in the park.

If you’d like to have a tramway tour with your beloved we are happy to offer you a romantic party to the soft strains of the tramway wheels with all needed: decorations, live music, drinks and food. The tramway will go through the “love tunnel” with its 2 km length. Yes, there is such wonder in Kiev!

It’s guaranteed that you’ll get flood of positive emotions, cheerful and optimistic mood during your tramway tour!

Have you ever been to the Castle of Richard the Lionheart? Would you like to have a cup of tea on the terrace of Mykhailo Bulgakov’s house? Are you interested in opera and would you like to visit one of the world’s luxurious theatre building in Baroque style? Maybe Kiev’s underground life with its mystery caves, underground rivers and tunnels attracts you. If you are interested in these or another unusual and exciting tours all around Kiev please don’t hesitate to contact us and our manager will arrange you the best excursion you’ve ever had.